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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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re-ignite after putting out. >> this man is wanted for a crime caught on camera. >> the most wanted man in the world captured. we are learning new details of the man believed the mastermind of the attack in benghazi that killed a bay area native and three other americans. good morning on wednesday at 6:00 a.m. we have a lot of thoughts coming as you such as look at this. a sign of a good day. >> let's turn it over to mike. we will start with the day planner. it is a cool 58 degrees at 7:00 around the bay and we are up to nearly 70 at noon and 80 at 4:00 and you will want to grab a jacket dropping down into the mid-60's and leader is what will happen inland, we are starting off with sunshine and hazy around noon but not a "spare the air" day, in the mid-to-upper 80's throughed afternoon and above average, and, today,
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probably the warmest day in the forecast and milder 79 at 7:00, and a last look, we will go over toward the coast where we are starting off with haze and 55, and sunshine at noon and a light breeze today hang out in the low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon and clouds late a sign that things going to change. that is in the trust. >> we have 47 bart trees on time and ace train one and three or one and two minutes late and ace train five is on time and, also, if you rely on bay area, the solano ferry is taken out of commission. as we take you over to the number two bore but there are no delays. >> from tracy to dublin 40 minutes. 101 southbound from san rafael
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to san francisco is 21 minutes. katie and kristen sze? >> in the east bay a fire burned close to home and smoke inhalation and it required one to get medical attention. amy hollyfield is in antioch. it was scary for residents. they say the fire came inches of some of their homes. it broke out after 7:00 last night in antioch in a neighborhood that is near pawnee drive and came close to 40 homes. firefighters say it was a tough fight because they had to get in between the homes and that was tricky getting the hoses in there. residents were so desperate they grabbed garden hoses and faced the fire alongside the firefighters. >> i was in my face and it came under this tree in the back of it hanging over and suddenly the branches, there were flames 25'
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in the air. >> a resident suffered from smoke inhalation but treated at scene. >> they got out the fire. no homes were damage. they got it out in time and they watched it overnight to make sure no hotspots flared up. they trying to figure out the cause. >> in antioch for use. >> a public workshop is held to discuss security of the nation's power grid after an attack on a south bay substation after an incident at the pg&e substation in san jose when someone fired a high powered rifle at equipment that could knock out power to the silicon valley for an extended period. the security work hop is from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the public utilities commission auditorium. >> we will at 6:30 have a live
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report on the workshop. >> police in oakland are trying to identify a man suspected in a van burglary. police released this image of the suspect captured on surveillance video during the may 28 burglary on pleasanton valley avenue and he took off as a passenger in the tan-colored van seen going toward piedmont avenue. if you have information on the burglary call police. new details on a sexual abuse lawsuit against the moraga school direct which agreed to pay $14 million to would women. our media partner reports that it is the largest per student molestation settlement in the nation, the form student sued claiming the reports of abuse by a teacher in the in knew's were ignored and the district says they have improved student safe gars and changed how they handle molestation claims. >> sacramento lawmakers are stiffening punishment for minors convicted of sexual assault.
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the law is name for saratoga teen who committed suicide in 2012 after being sexually assaulted at a party. there would be a two-year sentence on minors convicted of offenses. the longer sentences were opposed by some. the bill will be reintroduced with amendments next week. >> two female hiker whose died on mount tamalpais days from each other died accidentally. the two women were found dead in april after failing to return home from hikes. investigators say one fell off the rail and hit her head. her blood alcohol con didn't was .12. the other death was due to hypothermia. there was no connection between the women. san francisco's archbishop is going forward with plans to attend a controversial pro marriage march in washington who
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many of the followers are upset. proponents of same-sex marriage marched to the archdiocese yesterday to deliver 30,000 signatures asking the archbishop to skip the march for marriage event. when they get to the building they remain locked out so they slid the signed petitions through a gap in the front door. >> the ambassador bishop has a right to his belief and the right to express them but, unfortunately, the june 19 event is being organized by most extreme anti-lgbt organizations. >> marriage is between a man and a woman. that is the catholic church platform. the ambassador diabetes said they were only following poetical. >> now in iraq, militants marching for baghdad attacked the largest oil refinery 130 miles north of the capital. the attack went all night with
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firefighters targeting the refinery with shells and starting a small fire on the edge. the iraqi prime minister is calling for unity but he is facing accusations of stoning the violence. prescribe has decided not -- prescribe has decided not to use airstrikes. we are learning new details of the capture of the suspected master mind behind the deadly attack in benghazi that killed united states ambassador christopher stevens and three others. the man is on a ship this the mediterranean. here is the latest. officials tell abc that the suspect was under surveillance in libya for months and special forces surrounded him. >> the obama administration got the mastermind of the deadly attack in benghazi, libya.
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ahmed abu khattala was sought by the united states for 21 months before the special forces finally captured him. >> no matter how long it takes, we will find those responsible. we will bring them to justice. >> chalet chat is being interrogated aboard a slip in the medicine trait an before being brought to the united states for trial. officials hope to get as much intelligence from him as possible. >> the most valuable thing from this terrorist is information about who el was -- who else was involved. >> the ambassador and three others were killed and there has been intense criticism of the obama administration and the role of then secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we want to know who was behind it, what the motivation of the leaders and the attackers happen to, there are still unanswered questions. >> patricia smith's son was one of the americans killed.
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she still has many questions of what has happened. >> i am flood they -- glad they got one. a bunch of them set fire. >> khattala is charged with terror-related crimes and will be tried in washington, dc in federal court. it is 6:09. >> what do you not see in this picture? fog? right? >> meteorologist mike nicco what does it mean for temperatures this morning and later today? >> fog is not there. hope eric is getting rest and relaxation. you can see the lack of wind on live doppler 7 hd. all that means is we have high pressure and warmer than average temperatures. if you are taking bart everyone is in the low-to-mid 50's and san francisco and hayward and oakland and concord at 54 but pittsburg is warmer at 65 and
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temperatures today are five to nine degrees warmer than yesterday. the warmest day this week. enjoy. >> if you are headed up to the point at the sonoma raceway the events start on friday but the race is on sunday so expect heavy delays on 121 and 37. the san mateo and dumbarton bridge at top speeds with a slow down from hayward along 880 southbound but the rest of san jose and moving along fine and that slowing around alum rock is building at 32 miles per hour and everything else is top speed >> environmentalists are weighing in on a bay area company's bulky catalog weighing in at 17 pounds. >> first, hillary clinton and
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marijuana. the former secretary of state answers if she would smoke pot if made legal. >> first google and now yahoo, admitting they have the same problem facing other silicon valley technical
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning from our camera looking across the golden gate bridge and across the bay and san francisco, and we can look at this beautiful picture forever. >> i could. >> we will tell you more about temperatures coming up. >> a georgia inmate is the first-in-the-nation to be executed by lethal injection since the botched procedure this year. the state of georgia put convicted murderer to death before midnight. he was convicted in the rain and murder of a 15-year-old in 1993. the execution is one of three scheduled nationwide in less than 24 hours. early this morning missouri executed a man convicted of shooting three people and a florida man will be executed at 6:00 tonight. former secretary of state hillary clinton is taking a wait-and-see approach for
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legalizing marijuana. that was one of the topics yesterday in a cnn townhall in washington. she was there to promote her new book and reveals her own personal history with marijuana with host. >> do you want to wait and try? you say you never smoked? >> i didn't do it when i was young i will not start now. >> tore medical marijuana she said more research needs to be done to see how it interacts with other drugs. as for recreational pot, the former secretary of state and potential future presidential candidate wants to see how colorado and washington do with their legalation. first google and now yahoo, released a new diversity report. according to yahoo, 62 percent of the employees are male and 37 percent are fee may, and in terms of ethnicity, half is white, 39 percent is asian and 4
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percent is hispanic and 2 percent is black. the numbers are similar to what other silicon valley companies have reported including google. they say the numbers only tell part of the story. the company serves people of diverse backgrounds and highly engaged in community. >> if you live in the city or drive this on the weeks, the san francisco supervisors are not reviving paid parking on sunday. the supervisors hot down a move to bring back sunday enforcement at the parking meters. they pay for parking on saturday but sunday metering was stopped although it generated $11 million a year for the city. transit applicants say this is a big revenue hit for the city's transit agency and necessity have to take into account more tourist dollars or shopping dollars if they got rid of the sunday metering, which they did. >> speaking of days of the week this is the warmest for the week.
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and we drop down on saturday and we will see a warming trend and we will go through all of the details starting with live doppler 7 hd and good to see you this morning and good to see there is no fog or rain or haze. three miles visibility at half moon bay is as tough as it gets and from the east bay hills looking down on the sunshine, in the long shadows of the morning across oakland, a beautiful picture with hazy sunshine and warmest this week. more clouds and cooling and it arrives tomorrow. on saturday we will pull our temperatures back with warmer-than-average weather headed to sunday, monday, and tuesday next week. the area of low pressure is to the east. and high pressure over the top of us has just enough extent to hold on told, and the cold front is the big change tomorrow. bring in the cooler and the clouds so today is the last real sunny day for a while. 90 in gilroy, and upper 80's if
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morgan hill and los gatos and low-to-mid 80's for the rest of the santa clara valley with san jose and cupertino at 84 and santa cruz at 76 and sunshine today, and mid-to-upper 70's millbrae and san mateo and everywhere south, low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula and mid-60's along the coast today and downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's with money 80's through the north bay valley and 88 in napa and 84 in san rafael and petaluma and 20 degrees cooler at the coast and 79 in berkeley for the cool spot and 80 in oakland and hayward and newark and everyone else is 81 to 85 along the east bay shore and upper 80's to low 90's into the east bay valleys to get the 50-degree weather in the house. heading to the game, 12:35, 71, but you have to much with out for this, and the u.v. index is very high at the cove. the seven-day forecast is a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow and same on friday and saturday temperatures are back
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to average and we will slowly warm sunday, monday and tuesday but not so warm as today. have a great one. >> can see the traffic is heavy out of address into live more. of court, we have the alameda county fair that will lighten things up but expect heavy delays. we will look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza a few extra cars toward richmond and across the water it will take you five minutes and you will see 101 moving along decently but we do have more traffic on the roads, southbound side the tail lights before you get to 580, as you head all the way down to mill valley, that drive coming up over the golden gate bridge you can see the traffic is filling up but everyone is moving along fine and you will see a delay, though, when you hit the surface streets. thanks, leyla gulen, an 11-year-old golfer from right
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here is making history at the united states women's open. she revealed what it is like to be on the biggest stage at such a young able. >> next, a major change coming to "sesame street." it is a first in the 45-year history. >> the singing competition that makes you the judge premieres. now is the time to download the rising star app which is available for
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welcome barks everyone, a live look from the h.d. roof camera and our special viewer posing nicely for the camera with blue sky for the backdrop there, san francisco is 56 degrees today. >> okay we will check with a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, coming up severe weather slamming the midwest and another 30-reported tornadoes touching down a day after the double twisters.
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mini version of the show. for 45 years the practice has been an hour but in the fall the streamed version will be half an hour. there will be a street story and letter and number dance break but there will not be features like elmo the musical. the shorter version will work better with the attention span of the preschooler today. >> the southern california mayor caught on camera throwing dog feces into the yard of his opponent has resigned. he resigned yesterday and remains on the city council. he was captured on surveillance video throwing a bag the dog waste on the walkway of a political rival. he said that his actions are embarrassing to him and his
6:25 am
city. >> a kitten was trapped in the taxicab for several years and now is resting safe in san diego. he was stuck in the engine of the taxi in san diego. the driver didn't know it until high stopped to drop off a fare and heard a miscellaneous and the rescuers got the cat out. animal services say despite the long scary night the little guy doesn't have anything wrong with him. >> that is great. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story including the we neighbor who came to the rescue of a four-year-old boy at the bottom of a pool. >> and a new backlash facing restoration hardware today. at the metcalf substation more security is on patrol after last year's attack on the friday but what is being done today to prevent damage in the future? check out what you don't see as we look at the marin head lands and the golden gate
6:26 am
bridge, no marine layer and hazy sunshine and warmest day this week. summer starts on saturday. it will be cool by then. i have it coming up in the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen in the traffic center, it is a beautiful sunrise over the bay bridge toll plaza and it is 15 minutes from the maze to san francisco. we do not have any crashes impacting the traffic but we have plenty of congestion and lots of odds and ends that impact the commute. the details are ahead when we return.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:29. we have a look on the bay and it is as if you were on the water with a contain are ship from the port of oakland where business will be conducted today bring the region good money can well bring a lot of sunshine to you that is mother nature's work although we like to credit mike. >> thanks for joining us. mike, i am sorry, take it
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away. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to hump day. live doppler 7 hd shows how clear it is outside, it is hazy, but not a "spare the air" day so expect the temperatures to climb more today, above average in many areas and most of us are in the low-to-upper 50's through 7:00 and at coast we are in the low-to-mid 60's the better part of the afternoon and this afternoon we will have clouds gathering and that is the change coming together. the rest of us will have low-to-mid 70's and around most of the bay and we will surge to 80 in a few areas. >> there were no citizens to report across the bay area and that is true so that good news were we have areas of congestion, such as the altamont pass, the maze, through berkeley, and we are seeing a buildup and we have odds and helps, including county fairs and construction. in pacifica, on friday, expect to see the detour if place,
6:31 am
highway one is detoured on to san pedro avenue for bridge replacement. we will know more details later this week. the sonoma and marin fair, expect heavy delays on 101 starting today and through sunday and, also, surface streets in the area. happening today, more than a year after an attack on a south bay pg&e substation security is the focus of a workshop bringing homeland security security and energy experts. the attack could have knocked out power to the silicon valley for an extended period of time and matt keller is at the metcalf station with the story. >> it is a new reality, and i will have my photographer zoom in to the surveillace cameras with center security patrols and the sheriff department does patrols here. the attack has been described as
6:32 am
the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid in the up. this is surveillance video from the attack on april 16 of 202013. you can see the muzzle flash of rifles and bullets hitting the fence. 100 shell casings were found at the seen. former f.b.i. agents say it was ok straighted planned and looked somewhat professional. someone dropped into the underground vault and cut the phone cables and interrupt service to most of gilroy. it took a month to bring it back to full operation. a workshop is held by the california public utilities commission to talk about the attack at at the substation. representatives from homeland security, pg&e, and lawrence livermore national laboratory are this with others. the meeting is held in friend and it starts at 10:00 this morning. new this morning, an inmate
6:33 am
who escaped from san francisco county jail is back in custody this morning. authorities say the 40-year-old was found yesterday at a homeless shelter on june 7, a deputy was escorting him to the jail basement to take out the trash and he ran out and escaped. he is serving a sentence on drug charges and was scheduled to be released july 24. >> hayward police want to equip officers with wearable cameras and will answer questions from residents. another meeting is scheduled june 26. police officials say that the material recorded from the wearable cameras could be useful when they investigate crime. they hope to have them by next year. oakland land and bart police already use the wearable camera. >> fremont police will have a weapon to fight crime. the city council approved $300,000 for next to be installed throughout the city despite privacy concerns. they will be placed mostly near
6:34 am
interstate 880 and will receive an update on the progress of the surveillance program. >> parents of a four-year-old sunnyvale have neighbors to thank for saving their son's life. he spotted child face down at the bottom the pool on the apartment complex on monday. although she didn't know how to swim, the mother of two jumped in to save the boy. her husband arrived and rush in to help. >> i had my mother instinct and thinking of my baby, if my baby was there i would want this. [ inaudible ] eyes were half open. not moving. >> the boy was taken to the hospital. a fencing crew came yesterday to republican force the gate because it is not clear how the boy got in and they say they will wait a few days and personally check on the boy they saved. >> today, protesters are taking
6:35 am
a stand against the delivery of an upscale home furnishing massive catalog and will restore the heavy cut catalog to the story. the catalog consists of 13 becomes and weighs 17 pounds. the company says the enormous size was actually meant to be a greener approach to catalog mailings with one big delivery opposed to several a year. the protesters say the giant catalog is a big wait paper. >> the world cup is being called a social media cup because it has been so pop hard on facebook and twitter and other sites. during the huge win against ghana fans were clearing and -- were cheering and tweeting. twitter had 4.9 million interactions. the world cup is an experience to share with others no matter where they are. >> you look around and everyone has their phone out, everyone is
6:36 am
tweeting, facebooking or instagramming and sending out pictures and comments about what is going on. >> we want to see your world cup spirit. here are three generations of san francisco family showing their support for ecuador and another one, family rooting for team u.s.a. and you can e-mail your fan photos to you can do it through our news app or at our sister network espn is carrying australia and netherlands live at 9:00 a.m. and spain and chile at noon and cameroon and croatia at 3:00. today is the run of the alameda county fair. there is reason to celebrate because the officials announce they plan to bring back the fourth of july fireworks spectacular. today, attendees can enjoy dollar admission and dollar
6:37 am
rides and leann rimes will perform. the fair is extending the hours, running from 11 o'clock arm >> dozens are homes are in danger in in contra costa >> lacking the cloud layer that we often see this time year, what does that mean for the temperatures? traffic and weather, together, next, as the morning news continues.
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on this hump day, the alameda county fair in pleasanton, says 78 and sunshine at 11 o'clock, it will be warm on asphalt and 78 at 7:00 but grab the coat by 11 o'clock we are down to 62. up north we have the sonoma aren fair in petaluma at 1:00 o'clock, and 81 at 4 and accident at 7:00 and 59 by 11 o'clock. check out rain that moved through lake tahoe, it was dark.
6:41 am
it will be warmer in the central valley, mid-90's and sun in los angeles and san diego. >> we will expect to see heavy delays at the alameda fair. we don't have accidents to report. but what we do have is word of warning in this area with heavy traffic. the altamont pass is the biggest spot, at 17 miles per hour coming from tracy into live more and it eases up into dublin. 680 southbound side into walnut creek from pleasant hill, we have word of a pothole with rocks flying and as you approach highway 24 that is causing a grind. kristen and katie? coming up, the high end home decor company ready to lay off nearly 20 percent of the staff. >> bay area swinging sensation getting ready to make golf
6:42 am
history at the united states women's open. this morning, she reveals what it is like to be the young of the player ever at one of golf's biggest tournaments. >> a fast-moving fire came very close to homes and we have the video
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back, east bay neighborhoods are breathing a sigh of relief after a fast-moving grass fire threatened 40 homes. our news reporter is in antioch with the latest. this were tense moments for the residents with a charred hillside. you can see the power lines, the firefighters were very worried the fire would hit those and they were worried about the homes in the area. they say this was quite a tense challenge. residents say the fire camisms of their homes and some grabbed garden hoses to face off with the fire. one person was too close to the fire and suffered smoke inhalation. that person is okay and treated at the scene. people were fighting alongside the firefighters. >> in seconds it was at our fence and the tree and by the
6:46 am
time the fireman came they knocked down the fence and we brought their fence down, too, because they were not home and on the other side they were not home and it was scary. >> it started after 7:00 last night and came close to 40 homes near pawnee drive in antioch and it did not reach any of homes, firefighters got it out just in time and they say there was no wind last night so that was lucky break on their side, and they got the fire out, now, trying to figure out what started the fire. three fires in oak land hills burned five acres are investigationed as the work of a possible arsonist starting before 2:00 yesterday afternoon in the park. >> our viewer sent this video from and it is considered suspicious because of little in and not were chance for embers.
6:47 am
with the help of a chopper and 300' of fire hose it was out in an hour. >> the f.d.a. has new rules to have risks of products we disclosed on social media. the companies have refrained because they were not sure of rules or if the f.d.a. would sensor them. >> trading underway on wall street and we can tell you that the dow is down eight points right now to 16799. >> business news, amazon is expected to join the smartphone wars with the long awaited 3-d smartphone and this is a mockup of what the device is expected to look like when the c.e.o. announces the launch. amazon's new phone has a 3-d interface that works without glasses and uses camera to track
6:48 am
your face. >> san francisco online home decor company is laying off 100 people. they launched in 2009 selling higher enfurniture and accessories with special limited time seas -- sales. it was valued at $900 million but by april the c.e.o. and two other senior officers have left the company. the world cup may have the attention of soccer fans but golf fans are watching an 11 year old girl from redwood shores who is ready for the biggest event in women's golf. all lines were on her as she got if a practice round at pinehurst number two in north carolina. the women's open is underway tomorrow. the bay area 6th grader was the young over qualifier when she shot a 68 but she does not appear to be the least bit overwhelmed and says she just wanted to have fund.
6:49 am
-- fun. >> i just want to have fun. i just want do have fun and learn from the great players. >> she giggles during the press conference and says it has been awesome and mind-blowing experience. >> 5' 2" and weighs under 100 pounds but with all that pow worry! >> all in the mcs. >> how accident tee time look? >> great. our forecast will stretch forward for seven days. the wind shows it is fairly calm, the fastest wind is only seven miles per hour at fairfield. in the north bay we are at 49 in napa and petaluma and american
6:50 am
canyon is 46 and mill valley is 47 and 51 in novato and 55 in san rafael and mid-to-upper 50's throughout most of the bay shore until cupertino is 51 and san jose is 54 and san would moan is a cool spot at 49 and 43 at half moon bay and present wood is 68 degrees. this is how it looks, 280 at 17 at san jose, a lot sunshine and we will have hazy sunshine and the warmest temperatures this week show more clouds and cooling arrives tomorrow and that will send us into a cooling trend with saturday being the coolest day as summer starts and our temperatures are back to normal by then. here is what is happening, high pressure is dominating our weather and there is a lack of cloud cover through lunch our and late in the afternoon, a few clouds developing and that is the change that overspreads our neighborhoods tomorrow. 82 in milpitas and 90 in gilroy,
6:51 am
and that is the spread. sunshine and 7 6. 74 in millbrae. the code will be mid-60's and south san francisco and sausalito mid-60's. and mid-to-upper 80's inland with 84 in petaluma and san rafael is a cooler spot and 79 in berkeley and 80 to 85 is the spread along the east bay shore and 87 at pleasanton and 92 in brentwood. headed to the game, have the sunscreen, 71 at 12:35. the seven-day forecast shows a couple degrees cooler tomorrow, friday, saturday temperatures are back to average and a remaining what trend on sunday, monday and tuesday and today, the warmest day in the forecast. have a good one. >> use bart to get to the cove we have 58 trains running on time and with golf we are on "par" for our traffic. i see the smiles.
6:52 am
we are on "par" with traffic closer to summer and traffic is light. we have one accident that is already cleared, northbound 101 as you come up to the 280/680 split but heavy backups making the approach the rest of san jose is moving along fine with an area of slow down through morgan hill through san martin at 38 miles per hour jumping to hot speed headed into coyote. berkeley is building but from highway 4 to the maze will only take you 22 minutes. >> seven things to know before you go.
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6:54 am
it is now 6:54. whether you are just joining us or headed owe the door, a public workshop will be held today in san francisco to discuss protecting the nation's power grid. of after an attack on a substation in san jose. pg&e and homeland security will be among those discussing the attack and drafting new security standards for the future. >> two, neighbors notice east bay breathing a sigh of relief after self brushfires. a fast-moving fire throatens dozens of home and three early fires that charred five acres in oakland diamond canyon park are
6:55 am
investigated. >> fremont police have a new weapon to fight crime: the city council approved $300,000 to install it seems to me cameras and license place reader, police say the video is approved. >> suspected mastermind of the deadly attack on americans in benghazi is held on a navy ship in the mediterranean this morning. ahmed abu khattala is being interrogated following the capture and will be brought to the united states for trial. >> five, a new survey shows those if california need to step it up with water conservation, bay area residents cut water use by 2 percent between january and may despite the 20 percent reduction requested by governor brown when he declare add drought emergency. the state cut water use by 5:00. >> hazy sunshine and above-average temperatures, good morning, oakland, looking good from the another bay hills this morning and inland temperatures are 84 in the north bay to 92 in the east bay and the coast is 63 to 72 in downtown san francisco, and arm the bay, 74 to 84 as you
6:56 am
head into the south bay. >> seven, it is slow out there, look right now at walnut creek as you make the drive out of pleasant hill it will take you 17 minutes from highway 4 to 24 and that is partly due to a pothole with rocks so caltran play have to make an emergency repair. the san mateo bridge is also very sluggish making it across the water to 101 but as you look at the map it looks like the dumbarton bridge is a better bet. >> a lot of folks are in the "rough." >> that is right. >> carry on. >> i'm out. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, more massive new tornadoes touching down in the midwest. >> no, go. >> this destructive twister striking miles from those devastating twin tornadoes nearly wiping out that entire town. 65 million in the path of more severe weather right now. new details this morning about how one of the most wanted men in the world was captured. the suspected mastermind behind the deadly attack in benghazi taken down by u.s. commandos now facing a trial in an american court. the teen stowaway that survived that flight over the pacific speaking out for the first time this morning hiding in the wheel well for 5 1/2 hours on the trip from san jose to hawaii. how he did it and why.


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